Safety is one of the biggest concerns parents have when raising children. That is especially true when it’s time to take the little ones for a drive. Travel can be challenging with young kids. That’s why it’s so important for families to choose cars that offer modern safety features. What can parents do to keep their families safe when driving?

1. Choose Cars with More Visibility

Today’s cars offer more safety features than ever before. Choose a model that offers improved visibility, including rear cameras and proximity sensors. Remember that the sensors are not perfect, so you should always perform a visual check before backing out of driveways or garages.

2. Assign Play Areas

Provide children with an assigned play area and teach them to stay within its boundaries. This should be a space that is away from roads or anywhere that traffic may pass by. Children should be instructed to find an adult should they need to cross the road to retrieve a lost toy.

3. Choose a Spot to Wave Goodbye

Little ones love to wave goodbye when mum or dad leaves. Provide a special spot for your child (or children) to stand and wave. Inside the house near a large front window is a good choice to prevent the temptation to run up to or behind a moving vehicle. A front porch is also ideal, as long as children understand that they must stay there while mum, dad, or visitors depart.

4. Road Crossing Etiquette

Every child will eventually have to learn how to walk around safely next to traffic. That’s where road crossing etiquette comes in. Teach children to stop, look, and listen before crossing the street. Holding hands is a good way to protect little ones while crossing.

5. Disembark Kerbside

Children should never leave the vehicle on the same side as traffic. Always instruct your young ones to disembark kerbside. If you have more than one child, then teach them to take turns disembarking from the same side until everyone is safely out.

6. Set a Good Example

It’s easy to tell the kids what to do, but can be harder to remember to do it ourselves. Set a good example by always performing these safety methods when driving or walking along roads. Children will learn faster if they see you doing the things you tell them to do each day.

7. Practice Safety Procedures

Repetition is important when learning any skill. Make sure you practice safety procedures with your children every time you get in the car or leave the house. Don’t just explain the steps to them, let them do them again and again until it becomes second nature. Doing so can decrease the likeliness of your child ending up injured or worse due to a misstep on the road.