Going on a long road trip can be exciting! Travel by car is a unique experience. You get to see the area closer than you would on an airplane. You can also make stops to checkout sights or attractions without adhering to a bus or train schedule. The key is to make sure your vehicle keeps running, so you don’t encounter a serious problem while you’re away. The following checklist will help you get ready for your next road trip!

  1. Check the Weather

Check the weather forecast for the days you will be travelling. It’s also a good idea to double check just before you leave in case anything has changed. This will not only tell you what clothes to bring, but will also give you some idea of what to watch out for with your vehicle. For example, summer heat can be hard on a car, especially one with low fluids.

  1. Check Your Car battery

If you want your car to start, then you need your battery. Make sure yours is in good working order and replace it if not. Also check for corrosion on the terminal and remove as needed.

  1. Check Your Tyres

The tyres keep you rolling on the pavement. Make sure each has adequate air pressure. Also check the depth of the tread to ensure that they will handle properly. If you notice leaks or low tread, replace your tyres.

  1. Check Your Lights

Lighting is important at night, but also during the day in case of cloudy weather or storms. Turn your vehicle on and check lighting on the back and front to make sure all bulbs are functioning. Replace any as needed. It’s also helpful to clean the light covers to ensure maximum light output.

  1. Check Your Wipers

You need to see as well as be seen. Check your wipers and make sure they are able to clear away debris or moisture from your view. Replace as needed.

  1. Check Heating & Cooling System

Heating and cooling is important for passenger comfort as well as the car’s ability to operate at safe temperatures with proper ventilation. Correct any problems before you leave.

  1. Check Your Fluids

Check fluid levels in your vehicle and top off as needed. You should look at oil, power steering fluid, coolant, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid, and transmission and differential fluids.

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