It is every driver’s responsibility to know the rules of the roads they drive on. There are some laws that you probably follow every day, but there may be some that are less common. Read on to learn about several Australian road rules you may never have heard about!

australian road rules

Australian Road Rules You Might Not Know About

  • No Creeping, Even in Emergencies

When you see emergency lights flashing, your first instinct is probably to get out of the way. Australian road laws dictate that you are not permitted to creep through a red light to let emergency vehicles pass. Chances are you’ll get away with it but if you cause an accident or trigger a red light camera, then you will be responsible for fines and damages.

  • Close Your Car Windows in Queensland

Queensland maintains a law related to parked cars. When parked, your window cannot be open more than 5 cm, even if you are only stepping away for a moment in the summertime. Violating this law could result in a $40 fine.

  • Overusing the Car Horn

The car horn is only meant to be used to alert other drivers of your presence or to scare animals off the road. If you honk for any other reason in New South Wales, you could wind up with a fine.

  • Put the Phone Away

Mobile phones can be used if they are placed in a commercially-designed cradle that’s fixed to the vehicle and utilizes voice activation or Bluetooth, unless you are a provisional license holder. Having a phone on your lap while driving or using the device while waiting in a drive-through queue is also illegal.

  • Biodegradable Litter is Still Litter

Everyone knows that throwing garbage out of a car window is littering, but did you know that biodegradable material also counts? No throwing banana peels or apple cores out of your vehicle.

  • Driving Too Slow is Bad

When people think of getting a traffic violation, they probably think of speeding. Going too slow can also get you in trouble, even if you are staying to the left. If you can’t keep up, you could find yourself with a $325 fine.

  • No Splashing at the Bus Stop

This Australian road rule is rather specific. There’s no law against splashing pedestrians as you drive over puddles, however you could be in trouble if they are waiting for public transit. It is illegal to splash mud on people waiting for a bus.

  • No Passenger Reclining

Have you ever had a passenger who was tired or had a little too much to drink? Did they recline while sitting in the front seat? If so, you may have been breaking the law. Due to the way seatbelts are designed, this practice can be dangers and could cause you to receive a fine.

Hopefully you will never have to pay a fine related to any of these Australian road rules! If you have questions about buying a car, contact Zoom Car Loans at 1300 138 273 or visit our website to fill out an assessment form. We can help you find financing for a vehicle that will keep you safe and legal!