Did you know that there are car loans Melbourne drivers can get with bad credit? It may sound impossible, but you can buy a vehicle without a perfect financial history. A low credit score can happen to anyone. Sometimes people make mistakes, and other times they find themselves in unexpected situations. No matter what caused your hardship, you can start to recover and get the car you need.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Car Loan in Melbourne?

You should begin the process prepared. That means learning about how it works and what you will need to apply. When you work with Zoom Car Loans, the steps are easy because we are there to do the legwork. To begin, you should gather:

  • A copy of your credit report
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of income

Will My Car Loan Be Approved?

Many car loans Melbourne drivers apply for are approved. In fact, Zoom Car Loans averages 9 out of 10 application approvals in situations where the applicant met regulatory requirements.
You may not be eligible if you:

  • Do not meet affordability checks, conditions, and terms;
  • Are a non-resident on a holiday or student visa;
  • Receive sole Youth Allowance or Newstart payments;
  • Earn weekly income of less than $400 per week; and
  • Are under a Part 9 Agreement or bankrupt.

The Benefits of Applying for a Bad Credit Car Loan

Did you know that you can benefit from applying for a bad credit car loan? Going through the process is an opportunity to review your finances and find any areas you may be able to improve. Once you are approved and begin making on-time payments, your score will continue to rise. Zoom will also provide you with:

  • Professional insight to help you find the ideal financial package;
  • Flexible fixed-rate low repayment options that fit your budget;
  • The option of 100% no-deposit financing that covers the full cost of the car;
  • Same day approval so you get an answer fast;
  • Repayment terms that meet your financial needs; and
  • Private and dealer purchase options.

Find the Best Car Loans Melbourne Has to Offer

The best car loans Melbourne has to offer will vary from one buyer to the next. The experts at Zoom Car Loans can help with sound advice and recommendations. You can talk to real people who are committed to connecting you with the perfect lender. Melbourne drivers with bad credit should pick up the phone and call 1300 138 273 or visit our website to complete a free online assessment.