Car loans are almost a must in today’s society. Whether you need a sedan or people-mover for your ever-growing family or small hatchback to get to university and back, it will cost you money.

What if you need a ute for your new job but your credit history is on the bad side? A bank will not lend you the money. Let someone else do it.

Financing a car with bad credit may seem like an impossible dream but there are ways to get the car you need, and fast.

Say goodbye to the banks who turn you down and search for a service who deals with these situations on a regular basis. Here at Zoom Car Loans we have financial specialists who can find you the perfect package for your situation.

It’s what we do all day every day!

financing car bad credit

Getting Started: Financing a Car with Bad Credit

  1. Ensure you have all the relevant information and financial documents. This way our specialists will know more about you and your history and will be able to set up a car loan package just for you.
  2. Not sure about the car you want? Think about your daily routine and where you would be driving to and from. You don’t need a big 7-seater if you’re single with no kids and are only driving to work and back. A tradie doesn’t need a small hatchback that can’t fit their tools and supplies in. Make sure you know what you need and why you need it.
  3. Once you have your information collected and a car in mind, set up a meeting and apply with ease for a car loan

Apply for your Car Loan Online

With Zoom Car Loans, you can apply in 2-minutes online. Our financial specialists will look through your application and can get you approved within 24-hours.

Our 90% 24-hour approval success rate is why we are a trustworthy Australian agency that will understand you and your needs.

Apply online today or set up an appointment with one of their bad credit financial specialists by calling 1300 138 273.