If you have typed “finance car bad credit Melbourne” into your favourite search engine recently, then there’s something you need to know. It can take a lot of time to browse all available finance products to find someone who offers what you need. It’s even harder if you have to do it with a blemished credit history. The good news is that there is a much easier way to find funding for your next vehicle purchase.

Find a Loan with an Expert

An expert is the best way to find the right loan based on your financial status and car buying needs. Every year, people across Australia find that their bad credit disqualifies them from working with a number of lenders. Some get discouraged and assume that they are stuck with their current car or no car at all until they can find enough money to pay off debts and repair credit.

Before you give up, erase that dreaded “finance car bad credit Melbourne” search term from your browser and instead visit the Zoom Car Loans website. Our experts specialise in assisting car buyers with poor credit. We treat every customer with respect and care. We know you are a human being trying to make ends meet, not a random number used by banks.

How Does Zoom Car Loans Work?

Our goal is to provide you with access to the right lender with service that’s fast and hassle-free. You can talk to a human being anytime you have questions. Our customers enjoy a number of convenient benefits, including:

  • No-deposit financing that covers 100% of the car purchase
  • The ability to buy vehicles from both private sellers and dealerships
  • Repayment terms that meet your needs and income
  • Same day approvals so you can buy your car fast
  • Fixed-rate low repayment options that are flexible

After you submit your application, we compare it to available lenders and find one who is a perfect match. We negotiate with the lender to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Next, we provide you with the paperwork to establish your loan. Finally, we offer a streamlined settlement process that gets you in your new car sooner.

Forget About “Finance Car Bad Credit Melbourne”

Before you type “finance car bad credit Melbourne” into your computer, give us a call at 1300 138 273 to talk to an expert or visit our website to fill out an online assessment.