We can appreciate a good road rule here at the Zoom office, however, we all had a good chuckle the other day when someone told us that there is a road rule in Alabama that bans driving blindfolded – even though there has never been any evidence of anyone caught breaking this law… This got us thinking, are there any other crazy road rules from around the world? We’re pleased to say that yes, there most certainly are some rippers out there – take a look for yourself.

Maryland – Potty Mouths beware!

If you’ve got a bit of a sailor’s vocabulary, road rage, or just happen to have slammed your finger in the car door, you’d better watch your mouth. Swearing in the presence of others while driving could result in a fine or even jail!

Macedonia – Friends don’t let drunk friends sit in the front seat

Kudos to you for volunteering to be sober Bob, but don’t let any of your friends sit in the front seat if they are clearly drunk, in Macedonia it’s illegal!

Tennessee – Ladies can drive but their hubbies will have to walk

This crazy law dates back to the 1890s which allows a woman to drive, only if her husband runs in front with a red flag to warn people of her approach.

Costa Rica – Feel free to drink and drive

strange road rules

No need to worry about who will drive home after (quite) a few if you live in Costa Rica…

We’re pretty tight on drink driving here in Australia, but if you’re in Costa Rica, it is perfectly legal to drink and drive provided your blood alcohol is less than 0.75 percent. Yes, you read that right, 0.75 – not 0.075! This is not something we recommend trying…

San Francisco – Choose what you use to wash your car with carefully

In San Francisco it is illegal to wipe your car with used underwear. This leaves us wondering whether there is a reason for the introduction of this law…

Have you heard of any strange road rules? Let us know in the comments!