You may remember a while back when we posted a list of the strangest road rules from around the world. Well, we’re back at it again, this time with a list of the strangest road rules from Australia.

We all know we need to follow the road rules in order to stay safe on our roads and all (most?) drivers are aware of the most common laws and their purpose but the official Australian Road Rules were published in 1999, and there are some very unusual entries. The following list features some of the strangest road rules in Australia.

Body Parts Stay in the Car Unless You’re Driving a Classic

Keeping all body parts in your car sounds like common sense, and it is the law. Did you know there is one exception to this rule? If you are driving a vehicle that is old enough to not have indicator or stop lights, you are permitted to use hand signals like drivers did before the 1950s. Queensland, SA, NT, Victoria, and NSW permit hand signal use in modern vehicles if your indicator lights have failed.

Keep Your Vehicle on Lockdown if You Move More Than 3 Metres

If you plan to move 3 or more metres away from your vehicle, then you are required to take the keys out of the ignition, engage the parking break, and keep all windows up with the doors locked. This rule was implemented to stop opportunistic thieves from hot-wiring cars when they needed a ride.

Flammable Cargo Requires an Extra Stop at Train Crossings

If your car is transporting flammable or explosive cargo, like fuel for the Barbie, you are required to stop a minimum of three metres before every train crossing. You have to stop, even if the barrier is not down, no train is in sight, and/or there is no stop sign.

Indicate for a Minimum of 5 Seconds Before Pulling into Traffic

When you are preparing to enter the road when parallel parked, your first thought might be to prepare to move, turn on the indicator, then go. According to the rules in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, WA, and SA, you are required to keep the indicator on for at least 5 seconds before you start moving into traffic.

No Empty Bike Carriers on Cars in Victoria

Let’s say you just arrived home after a nice ride on your bike. You unloaded everything, but now you’re hungry, and the bike carrier is still attached to your car. What’s the harm in getting in and going for a bite to eat? You could get a fine if you do this in Victoria. It is illegal to drive your vehicle with an empty bike carrier bolted on.

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