You know that saying “it’s too good to be true”? When you hear the words 0% car finance interest rates, do you think of that saying? Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t. We have done some digging about this so called “0% finance” and we have some answers for you.

what's the go with 0 finance

Is it too good to be true?

Yes. Think about it this way, if dealerships aren’t charging interest they must make up the difference in other areas. As in, they will charge you for other things to cover the 0% finance.

If you were to walk into a dealership tomorrow and announce, “I would like the wonderful 0% car finance deal you have advertised” with a smile on your face expect to pay full retail price. No negotiations will be had and you will walk out of there having paid in full. Negotiate a better deal by not announcing their advertisement the second you walk through the doors.

If you’re getting a loan for your new vehicle and do decide to go with the suer-amazing-awesome-0%-car finance ad, your loan will not be flexible. It won’t be able to do Cirque de Soleil tricks, it will be stiff and uninviting.

Use your brain

Look, as amazing as it sounds, the 0% car finance interest rate probably isn’t your best option. It’s supposed to sound so amazing that you rush to the dealership. Before you rush to the dealership, rush to your brain and research. Research car values, what car you are wanting to purchase and what the best possible outcome is with or without the 0% car finance interest rate.

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