Bad Credit Car Loans Melbourne bad credit car loans
Paid or unpaid defaults? Discharged bankrupt?  Let us help you find the perfect car finance package.

Same Day Approvals
87428495Zoom Car Loans provides quick response to all loan applications. Our loans are usually approved within 24 hours.

100%, no deposit car finance 
no deposit financeNo savings or simply want to hold on to your cash? Zoom’s loan products can cover the full cost of your car.

Centrelink Car Finance  Centrelink Car finance
Zoom Car Loans provides flexible fixed rate low repayment vehicle finance options.

Flexible Terms & Repayments flexible termsYou select the repayments and terms. Car loans available from $5000.00

You are in control

you are in controlYou can purchase your new or used car anywhere in Australia from either private sellers or a dealership.

Bad credit car finance Melbourne

While Melbourne is home to several fantastic public transport alternatives, there are some situations where only a car will do. Maybe you’re planning the ultimate interstate road-trip, or perhaps you’re just tired of waiting for the bus in the rain. Whatever your reasons, owning a car can lift that weight off your shoulders and make life so much easier.

However, if you are struggling with poor credit history or finding it tough to get an approval for a car loan, it can feel like you will never experience the freedom a car brings. Thankfully, you can take a look at car loans in Melbourne with Zoom Car Loans.

How we can help Melbourne clients

At Zoom Car Loans, we understand the difference a car can make, so we provide Melbourne clients and residents Australia-wide the opportunity to obtain a car loan. With access to leading finance providers, we are able to get you the best approval possible with our bad credit car finance solutions.

Our team of finance brokers do all the hard work for you to ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible. We take the pressure off with our quick and easy online application, pre-approvals and streamlined settlement processes.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Melbourne FAQs

Do I need to purchase my car from Melbourne? Even though we provide many car loans in Melbourne, you can shop for the right vehicle in any state. We are proudly Australian operated and owned, so our services are available to residents throughout the country.

No matter your car’s location, our financing solutions will still get you to your destination.

What if I’m purchasing a car privately? Whether you are purchasing your car through a dealership or from your neighbour down the road, we can still offer you a bad credit car loan in Melbourne.

Get in touch with us today so we can chat about your current circumstances and requirements.