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Claiming Car Deductions

We love helping people buy their new car and drive off into the sunset happy and excited.  But don’t forget if you are using your car for business related purposes you are possibly eligible for car deductions. 


Zoom Car Loans help people get bad credit car loans but unfortunately we are not able to help with your car deductions.  That is why we recommend you see a tax specialist who can advise you.


When you use your car for business purposes, you may be eligible for valuable tax deductions that can lighten your financial load. Understanding what you can claim and when is essential for maximising these benefits.


Primarily, you can claim deductions for the business use of your car, including expenses like fuel, maintenance, and repairs.



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Keep detailed records

Keep detailed records of your mileage and ensure a clear distinction between personal and business-related trips. The standard mileage rate or actual expenses incurred, such as gas and maintenance, are deductible.


For depreciation, you can claim a portion of your car’s cost each year as it loses value. This applies to the vehicle’s purchase price and any additional business-related upgrades


It’s crucial to note that commuting from home to your regular place of business is generally not considered a deductible expense. However, travel between different work locations, client meetings, or business-related errands may be eligible for deductions.



Consult with a tax professional

To ensure you meet all requirements and claim the deductions you’re entitled to, keep meticulous records and consult with a tax professional. With proper documentation and a clear understanding of the rules, you can make the most of tax deductions for your business vehicle.


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