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How Zoom Can Help You Buy A Car

When looking to buy a used car with a loan and you have a bad credit rating, a reputable broker can assist you in navigating the process. Zoom Car Loans is a team of dedicated finance brokers.  We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company – and proud of it!


Here’s how we can help you through the process of buying a car when you have a bad credit rating:


Assessment of Your Situation


We will start by assessing your financial situation, understanding your credit history, and determining the best course of action.


As financial brokers we have access to credit reporting tools and can help you check your credit rating. 


We can also provide insights into how your credit score might affect your loan options and if it is low we can provide advice on steps you can take to improve it before applying for a loan. This may include paying off outstanding debts or settling any collections.



Pre-Approval Process


We offer instant pre-approval over the phone and 9 out of 10 applications are approved. We help gather the necessary documentation and submit the application to potential lenders on your behalf. 


Pre-approval gives you a better idea of the loan amount and terms you might qualify for.


Lenders Specialising in Bad Credit


Zoom Car Loans have relationships with over 30 lenders Australia wide, including those specialising in working with individuals with bad credit. We will compare your options to get you the best deal.


Negotiating Terms


From here it is easy!  You just sit back and let us do the work.  We will negotiate loan terms with lenders, including interest rates and repayment periods. And we will use our industry knowledge and relationships to secure the best terms for your situation.


Settling a Pre-existing Loan


If you have a pre-existing car loan for a vehicle you no longer own, we can advise you on the best way to handle it. This may involve paying off the remaining balance or we may negotiate with the existing lender to settle the debt.


Finding a Suitable Used Car


Zoom Car Loans are not car salesmen although we do have a relationship with some sellers and can help you find the car of your dreams. One that  fits your budget and requirements. 


We can provide guidance on the types of cars that may be more affordable and easier to finance with bad credit.


Understanding Loan Terms


Once we have found you a lender who has accepted your loan application we will help you understand the terms and conditions of the loan, including any fees or penalties. It’s crucial to be aware of all the details before committing to a loan.  


And best of all within 24-48 hours the money will be transferred directly to the dealership or private seller.  At this point your loan is settled and you can drive away in your new car.


Avoiding Scams


One of the biggest challenges today when applying for a loan is avoiding scams or predatory lending practices. Zoom only deal with legitimate lenders and ensure that you’re entering into a fair and transparent loan agreement.  In short we take the risk out of buying a car.


We at Zoom Car Loans are here to help.  We can secure the best loan for your situation in a short period of time. However it is still important for you to be proactive in understanding your financial situation and responsibilities throughout the loan process.


Contact Zoom Car Loans to see how we can help you secure a car loan with bad credit.