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10 Tips to Help You Save Money on Petrol

Buying a car is only the first part of the cost of driving. There are ongoing expenses that can add up quickly. You need fuel to keep your vehicle moving. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work, school, or an event, you’ll still need to pay money to fill up. The good news is that there are some things you can do to spend less on petrol.


1. Choose a Fuel Efficient Car

You can begin saving money on petrol before you buy your car. This is done by researching current models and choosing one that suits your needs and is fuel efficient. Newer models are generally better at consuming less fuel than older vehicles. Also consider the type of vehicle you want to buy. A small coupe will require less fuel than a large SUV.


2. No More Hooning

If you love to show off, it may be time to stop. Hooning can cause significant fuel consumption. Doughnuts, burnouts, and screeching your tyres will burn petrol at a high pace. It’s also hard on other parts of your car, which can lead to additional expenses.


3. Drive During Off Hours

Those that have a choice should consider driving during off hours when there’s less traffic. Traffic causes drivers to have to start and stop, which means more fuel is consumed than it would be when you can drive straight through. When you are stationary, your engine is still on and using fuel.


4. Maintain an Aerodynamic Profile

Maintain an aerodynamic profile as much as possible. Adding accessories like a roof rack will cause drag, which causes your car to use more fuel when travelling. The engine has to work harder to carry the load and push against wind resistance. Leave accessories off of the vehicle unless you are using them.


5. Accelerate Slowly & Maintain Speeds

Constant speeds in higher gears are better when it comes to decreasing fuel consumption. Accelerate slowly so you are only using the petrol you absolutely have to in order to reach the necessary speed.


6. Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Low tyre pressure can also increase fuel usage. Regularly check pressure to make sure your tyres are working with the engine and not against it.


7. Plan Your Journey

A little planning can go a long way. Decide where you need to go and plan the journey so you’re travelling as efficiently as possible. You could avoid wasting petrol by not back tracking or completing your errands in one trip.


8. Turn Air Conditioning Off

Turn the air conditioning off or down whenever you can. This feature causes the car to consume more fuel while in use.


9. Buy Petrol on Cool Days

Did you know that you may get more or less petrol based on the temperature outside? Liquids expand when heated and contract when they cool. That means you’ll get more fuel into your vehicle when it’s cool out compared to when it is hot. For example, 1L put into your car on a hot day may only be 0.9L when it contracts on a cool day.


10. Avoid Toll Roads

Toll roads cost money, and in many cases, amount to more than the longer route would cost in petrol. Fuel prices tend to be higher in certain areas. For example, if you have to fill up while on the M4, you may end up paying a lot more than you would at a local servo.


All the money you save on petrol could go toward a new vehicle. Visit the Zoom Car Loans website to complete an online assessment and learn more about upgrading your ride. You can also call 1300 138 273 to talk to one of our loan experts.