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How to get a new year car bargain

The new year is one of the best times to grab a new or used car bargain.


As the calendar clicked over to 2019, all cars automatically became 1 year older. This means it is time for the new and used dealerships to quickly clear out their ‘old’ stock and make way for newer models. To help sell cars, dealerships are currently very quick to offer significant discounts. They are also happy to include add-ons and accessories for free and drive-away pricing to help close the sale.


Visit any dealership website or car yard and you will immediately see advertisements promoting a bargain. All makes and models are currently on sale, with discounts and specials unheard of during other times of the year.


And the bigger the discount, the lower your repayments will be if you choose to finance your new or used vehicle. Start the New Year on a high with the best deal possible on a new or used vehicle.



2018 and older plate run out sales

Out with the old and in with the new. The first few weeks of the new year are a great time to grab a bargain on a 2018 or older plate car. Most dealerships need to clear out this ‘old’ stock to make way for 2019 plated vehicles, so run out discounts are being offered across the country.


All makes and models are usually included in dealership stock clearance specials. This includes small cars, medium cars, SUVs, utes, 4x4s and trucks. Get ahead of the pack wanting a 2019 model and get the best deal possible on your new car now. Pop into your dealership in January or February and ask to see only run-out models on sale.


If you’re unsure how much you should spend, Zoom Car Loans can help you shop with confidence by offering finance pre-approval before you visit the dealership. This obligation free reassurance takes 5 minutes over the phone and will help you set a spending limit to assist with price negotiations.


It will also speed up the purchasing process for you, as you will have already begun our highly streamlined and efficient finance application process.



Dealership or private seller

The dealerships may be clearing out their stock, but don’t forget about the private sellers. They will also be keen to sell their vehicle, especially if they listed it for sale in 2018. Most likely they have now dropped the price or will be more open to dropping the price when you begin sale negotiations.


Have a look at when the car was listed for sale and use the time-frame to your advantage!


Zoom Car Loans can help you purchase privately with confidence, by offering you a warranty on your used car vehicle, along with no deposit finance options. To benefit from a used vehicle warranty, the vehicle you purchase must have a current road worthy certificate.



Small business and ABN car loans

The New Year is an excellent time for business owners and ABN holders to set themselves up for the year. In addition to the Australia wide discounts on new and used vehicles, purchasing in the new year means there are still 6 months’ worth of tax claiming benefits.


Zoom Car Loans offer a range of finance packages that will help you purchase a vehicle and unlock your business potential. No deposit, 100% finance options are also available, so you don’t miss out on the new year bargains.


For those who are trying to get their business off the ground, or are a new ABN holder, our “start-up” loan packages might be exactly what you are looking for. They have been specifically designed to allow new business’ to purchase income generating equipment and vehicles without the need for financials and minimum trading periods. Whether you require equipment, machinery, software, one vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles for your staff, Zoom Car Loans will find you the ideal solution from our range of lenders and can even help assist those with an adverse credit history. To do this, we work with a range of lenders who say yes, when your bank says no!



The catch with in house dealership finance

In house new car dealership finance may seem like an easy option, but there are many hidden points to be aware of.


– Most dealerships require you to have a high credit rating, with no blemishes, to be approved for their finance.


– In house dealership finance often have access to only a couple of financiers (lenders), limiting your options and chance of getting the best deal available. They also have an alliance with these companies, resulting in hidden fees and commissions payable to the dealership when you accept their finance package.


– Loan terms and repayments are pre-defined for you, with minimal room for flexibility. This can result in a large balloon payment at the end of your loan.


– In house dealership finance consultants are often not accredited finance specialists. Essentially they are sales people, employed by the dealership to make the most money from you when you purchase a vehicle.


It may be tempting to sign up, whilst they dangle the keys to your new car in front of you, however savvy buyers should think twice and consult a broker, like Zoom Car Loans, to explore all their options.



The Zoom Car Loans experience

Zoom Car Loans compares over 30 leading bank and non-bank lenders Australia wide to get you the best finance deal possible. With 1 simple application, Zoom begin the process of comparing your options, without making unnecessary enquiries on your credit file.


First loan, no deposit, receiving Centrelink or have a bad credit history? Don’t stress. Zoom Car Loans have it covered. Our team of highly skilled and experienced brokers who take the time to learn your story and then advocate on your behalf to get you approved. We know exactly what the different lenders are looking for, so are your best chance getting approved.


Zoom Car Loans let you choose where you purchase your vehicle from. New or used, dealership or private seller – the choice is yours!


Get started on your obligation free finance application now.



Vehicle sourcing service

Haven’t found the perfect car? Don’t stress. Zoom Car Loans work with an extensive network of new and used car dealerships Australia wide. Our vehicle sourcing team will help you find the ultimate bargain to kick start 2019. Once you’ve submitted your finance application, simply let your broker know that you need help locating a vehicle. Our team will then spring into action to find you a car within your budget, requirements and personal preferences.


Don’t like white cars? Only want an SUV? Want a 2015 or later model? No worries. Whatever your wants or needs Zoom Car Loans will find you a car that ticks all the boxes. If the vehicle sourcing team can’t find you a car from a reputable dealership, they will expand the search to the private market.This service is free.


Don’t let someone else steal your new year car bargain.


Apply now for finance pre-approval and get ready to drive away in your new car in early 2019.