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Meet the boss – Dave Hooper 

Meet the boss – Dave Hooper 

Meet Dave Hooper, the finance industry veteran who is the driving force behind Zoom Car Loans. With an extensive career in finance, Dave brings a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise to the table. His specialisation in compliance, business development, and recruitment ensures that the Zoom team is a league apart.  If you are looking for a bad credit car loan Dave is the man to help you.

Dave | Director - Zoom Car Loans

Zoom Car Loans was founded to provide all Austalians the opportunity to get the car loan they deserve. As the Company Director, Dave heads a team of dedicated bad debt car loans brokers who work with over 30 lenders Australia wide, to get the best deal possible for you.

Dave’s dedication doesn’t stop at the office door. When he’s not crunching numbers and strategising for Zoom Car Loans, you’ll spot him unwinding on the picturesque northern coast of New South Wales, accompanied by his loving wife and energetic young son.

Dave’s commitment to excellence and his ability to balance work and family life make him a valuable asset and great leader for the  Zoom Car Loans team.

Dave’s passion for finance and his love for quality family time perfectly encapsulate the ethos of Zoom Car Loans: a company that values both financial success and the joy of life beyond the office.  Zoom Car Loans are the leaders in bad credit car loans.